Technical specification
Our production facility can currently manufacture any type of packaging, for every industry and using various materials, according to the customer's needs, and in accordance with a technical specification, such as:

  • HSC
  • RSC
  • die cutting
  • packages
  • etc.

Pharmaceutical industry

Die cutting on white or brown EF, as well as containers manufactured of reinforced materials, such as CF145/1 and double D.

Food industry

Containers manufactured of CF145/1 for frozen food, durable in freezing conditions. Finish is performed by gluing alone, according to acceptable standards, which prohibit the use of metal staples in food related products. In addition, we manufacture lunch boxes packaging for catering.


Containers of different thickness in various types of strength, manufactured by demand. In addition, we specialize in manufacturing internal special hanging devices for clothes hangers inside the container, for shipment and delivery of hanging clothes.


Containers for cleaning supplies manufactured of five-ply material (double), in various types of strength.


Enforced containers manufactured of heavy materials, for heavy loads.


Containers and packages designed to protect furniture, with thick walls, to prevent scratching.


Different die cutting packages and suitable master containers, which provide solutions for the unique, delicate products of this industry.